FOCUS SESSION II: How to implement Circular Economy strategies in touristic areas?

CINEMA HALL / 19 May 2022 / 10:30 - 11:20
This session is in Italian language. A service of simultaneous translation into English will be provided

Antonio Cianciullo, journalist (IT)

On. Mara Carfagna, Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial cohesion, Presidency of the Council of Minister (IT)
Mr. Marino Lembo, Mayor of Capri (IT)
Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos, Technical University of Crete (GR)
Prof. Giovanni De Feo, University of Salerno (IT)

The pandemic slowed the process, but the growth in tourist flows represents an important environmental impact factor. How to govern it? How to allow a growth in benefits (psychophysical rebalancing, increase in environmental, artistic, human knowledge) and a decrease in costs (pollution, consumption of materials, greenhouse emissions)?
We need to build travel circuits and brands that guarantee the offer of tourism proposals with a low environmental impact and a high rate of renewability in the field of materials and energy. The options are varied. They range from strengthening the exploration of neighboring territories by shortening the range of travel to the use of transport systems with low environmental impact. From farms that offer self-produced food to hospitality points that are committed to recycling and reusing objects. From the enhancement of ancient abandoned villages recovered using natural materials to structures that use clean energy.

Antonio Cianciullo journalist and writer, has followed environmental issues for "la Repubblica" for over 30 years. He partecipates in major international events: from the great environmental disasters to the conferences of indigenous peoples, from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to the conference in Paris on the climate of 2015. He is currently in charge of "Terra", the Huffington Post's environmental channel. He graduated in philosophy. Among his books:"Atti contro natura" (Feltrinelli, 1992), "Ecomafia" (Editori riuniti, 1995, with Enrico Fontana), "Il grande caldo" (Ponte alle grazie, 2004), "Soft economy" (Rizzoli, 2005, with Ermete Realacci), "La corsa della green economy" (Edizioni ambiente, 2009, with Gianni Silvestrini), "Dark economy" (Einaudi, 2012, with Enrico Fontana), "Ecologia del desiderio" (Aboca, 2017),  Un pianeta ad aria condizionata (Aboca, 2019).