Symposium Agenda

The Symposium structure includes 6 parallel tracks of oral sessions, NetWorking sessions (NeWS), e-posters and virtual technical tours.

The traditional oral sessions are organized as a set of oral presentations, followed by a moderated live discussion in which speakers will answer the questions received by the attendees in the Q&A box.
The NetWorking sessions are primarily focused on open discussion among participants, so they are highly interactive live-streamed sessions, during which attendees can join the debate with camera and microphone. The sessions are usually opened by short introductory lectures that will kick-start the critical discussion among participants.
E-posters are available to Symposium delegates as PDF files, accessible on demand throughout the conference. Attendees will be able to comment and ask questions to the authors via Q&A and chat.
As per tradition, the Symposium also included two technical tours that were held virtually at the following plants:

  • DISMECO Srl, a company specializing in the treatment and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Bolzano Waste-to-Energy plant


  • Energy and resources

  • Management and strategies

  • Material recovery

  • Circular economy of water and wastewater

  • Closing the loop

  • Education, communication and social aspects

  • Circular cities and waste architecture

Wednesday 18 November 2020

12:00 - 13:00
UTC +1


Chair. Maria Cristina Lavagnolo

13.15 - 14.30
UTC +1

14:45 - 16:00
UTC +1

session A1

IWWG Task group on Waste Biorefinery

Chairs: Aldo Muntoni (IT), Luca Alibardi (GB)

session B1

Circular economy flows at different territorial scale

Chair: Daniel Monfort (FR)

session C1

Accounting of C&D generation

Chair: Lisbeth Ottosen (DK)

session D1

Circular cities I

Chair: Kerstin Kuchta (DE)

session E1

Strategie e criticità nell'Urban Mining e nella Circular Economy

Chair: Chiara Gallani, Maria (IT)

session F1

EU Projects - Resources from Waste: Enegy and Materials I

Chair: Fabio Poretti (BE)

16:15 - 17:30
UTC +1

session A2

Anaerobic digestion

Chair: Cristopher Eden (GB)

session B2

NeWS: Management meets engineering: addressing CE challenges together

Chair: Valentina De Marchi (IT)

session C2

Treatment of C&D waste

Chair: Mohamed Osmani (GB)

session D2

Circular cities II

Chair: Kerstin Kuchta (DE)

session E2

Esperienze a livello locale

Chair:Lucia Rigamonti (IT)

session F2

EU Projects - Resources from Waste: Enegy and Materials II

Chair: Fabio Poretti (BE)

17:45 - 18:30
UTC +1

TECHNICAL TOUR: Bolzano Waste-To-Energy plant

Chair: Marco Ragazzi (IT) - Guest: M. Palmitano (IT)

Thursday 19 November 2020

11:45 - 13:00
UTC +1

session A3

NeWS: Digestate management and human health

Chair: Alberto Pivato (IT)

session B3

Recovery of resources from domestic sewage management

Chair: Francesco Fatone (IT)

session C3

Le materie prime per batterie nella transizione verso un'economia verde: il nesso tra dati, normative e tecnologia

Chair: Silvia Grandi (IT)

session D3

NeWS: Importance of education in Circular Economy

Chair: Ian Williams (UK)

session E3

Potenzialità e criticità del landfill mining

Chairs: Daniele Biondi, Giovanni Casadei (IT)

13:15 - 14:30
UTC +1

session A4

Recovery of refuse derived fuels (RDF)

Chair: Costas Velis (UK)

session B4

Community based solutions for urban mining and circular economy

Chairs: Cristina Lavagnolo, Cecilia Bruni (IT)

session C4

Textile waste and apparel

Chair: Andreas Bartl (AT)

session D4

Strategies and decision models in Circular Economy

Chair: Marco Ritzkowski (DE)

session E4

Waste Architecture - Le infrastrutture per la gestione sostenibile dei rifiuti nella circular economy

Chairs: Elena Cossu, Anna Artuso

session F4

Companies Forum

14:45 - 16:00
UTC +1

session A5

Direct test methods for the classification of hazardous properties of wastes

Chair: Alberto Pivato (IT)

session B5

Blue economy solutions for sustainable Circular Economy and role of Black Soldier Fly

Chair: Valentina Grossule (IT)

session C5

Management of plastic solid waste

Chair: Susan Thorneloe (US)

session D5

Minimization and ecodesign

Chair: Laura Badalucco (IT)

session E5

Food and organic waste

Chair: Christian Zurbruegg (AT)

Friday 20 November 2020

11:45 - 13:00
UTC +1


Chairs: Alessandra Bonoli, Maria Cristina Lavagnolo (IT)

13:15 - 14:30
UTC +1

session A6

Management of residual waste from circular economy

Chairs: Raffaello Cossu, Valentina Grossule (IT)

session B6

NeWS: Participation and sustainability in circular economy

Chair:M. Kalina (ZA)

session C6

Strategies and resources from industrial waste

Chair: Kaimin Shih (HK)

session D6

Strategies in WEEE management I

Chair: Pierre Hennebert (FR)

session E6

NeWS: Recoding Infrastructure

Chair: Paolo Carli (IT)

session F6

Poster discussion I

14:45 - 16:00
UTC +1

session A7

Landfill mining

Chair: Roberto Raga (IT)

session B7

News: E-Waste management behaviours

Chair: Ian Williams (GB)

session C7

Recovery of materials from the urban water cycle

Chair: Dongbei Yue (CN)

session D7

Strategies in WEEE management II

Chair: Julia Wolf (DE)

session E7

Circular Economy through the lens of Inclusive Recycling: a global North-global South dialogue

Chairs: Jutta Gutberlet (CA), Sebastian Carenzo (AR)

session F7

Poster discussion II

16:15 - 17:00
UTC +1

TECHNICAL TOUR: Dismeco treatment plant

Chair: Alessandra Bonoli (IT)

Poster session