CAPRI / 15-16-17 MAGGIO 2024

Workshop: Circular Economy for food

SESSION C04 / Hotel Syrene / 19 May 2022 / 9:00 - 10:00
Workshop: Circular Economy for food
Chair / Presidente: Peter Shaw (UK)

This workshop will address the nature and scope of avoidable food waste, with emphasis on how we can apply our understanding of associated problems to seek and identify circular economy solutions. An initial overview presentation will set the context for the workshop; this will outline the food waste problem at global level and with illustrative examples. As an introductory exercise, participants will be asked to indicate their perceptions of food waste in terms of its relative environment, economic, and social impacts, and the balance between these. Working in small groups, participants will be tasked to:
1. Share their own reasons for how they perceive the relative importance of impacts of food waste in environmental, economic and social terms;
2. Discuss if and how circular economy actions might be taken to ameliorate the impacts as identified;
3. Share the outcomes of small group discussions in a plenary session involving all participants.