CAPRI / 15-16-17 MAGGIO 2024


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P01 / E. Dziobek, A. Nowaczek (PL)
Supporting SMEs in the development in accordance with circular economy – SPIN Project in Poland

P02 / P. Donyanavard, Q. Yuan (CA)
Potential for extracting rare earth metals from today’s electronic devices

P03 / C. Siracusa, F. Quartinello, A. Pellis, G.M. Guebitz (AT)
Study of polyester specific hydrolysis performed by two different cutinases

P04 / L. Hernández-Pérez, M.C. Martí-Calatayud, M.T. Montañés, V. Pérez-Herranz (ES)
Electrorecovery of bismuth from a copper waste effluent: an initial approach

P05 / I. Gabriele, M. Race, S. Papirio, G. Esposito, F. Pirozzi (IT)
Use of Cannabis sativa L. to implement the phytoremediation of soil contaminated by pyrene

P06 / S. Mihalyi, F. Quartinello, G. M. Guebitz (AT)
Recovery of cellulases for circular application in textile waste recycling

P07 / C. M. Warne, F. Quartinello, D. Ribitsch, G.M. Guebitz (AT)
New tools in the plastics circular economy: rumen fluid for hydrolysis of polyesters

P08 / Z. Trost, B. Ceh, F. Eblagon (SI)
Waste hop biomass management options

P09 / J. M. Cruz, C. González, X. Vecino, A. B. Moldes (ES)
Biodegradation study of polyethylene-based plastics in presence of corn steep liquor

P10 / N. Junakova, J. Junak, M. Balintova (SK)
Production of sustainable concrete based on reservoir sediments in accordance with the principles of the circular economy

P11 / S. das Neves Silva, L.Frisso, L. H. Yamane, R. Ribeiro Siman (BR)
Implantation of a printed circuit board recycling industry in Brazil: environmental aspects

P12 / Y. Sagrillo Pimassoni, L. H. Yamane, R. Ribeiro Siman (BR)
Recovery of rare earth elements from WEEE: challenges and research needs

P13 / K. Steiner, M. Egermeier, R. Putz, G.M. Guebitz, F. Quartinello, D. Ribitsch (AT)
Enzymatic reprocessing and recycling of textile waste

P14 / I. Bonadies, R. Capuano, R. Avolio, R. Castaldo, M. Cocca, G. Gentile, M. E. Errico, M. Avella (IT)
Sustainable composites from beverage cartons scraps

P15 / M. Muradin, J. Kulczycka, G. de Clercq, R. Verhe (PL)
Zero waste bioethanol production technology. Applying the LCA tool to assess environmental impacts in a circular economy context

P16 / A. Estokova, M. Fabianova (SK)
Simplified LCA analyis of waste treatment from the wooden building

P17 / D. Camana, A. Fedele, F. Gallo, A. Manzardo (IT)
Assessing environmental sustainability of projects with different tools. A life cycle perspective

P18 / M. Holosova, A. Estokova, M. Smolakova, A. Luptakova (SK)
Waste in cement composites exposed to the biocorrosion

P19 / T. Distler, K. Steiner, K. Huemer, S. España Orozco, G.M. Guebitz (AT)
UV-detoxification of a sulfite liquor and separation by column chromatography

P20 / E. Karamanova, G. Avdeev, S. Atanasova, I. Piroeva, A. Karamanov (BG)
Structure and phase composition of ceramics from municipal incinerator bottom ashes

P21 / D. Caracciolo, E. Imperiale, M. Urciuolo, R. Migliaccio, G. Ruoppolo, F. Di Lauro, M. Balsamo, F. Montagnaro (IT)
Tannery sludge: setting the stage for its use as biomass

P22 / A. Del Borghi, L. Moreschi, M. Gallo (IT)
A critical environmental analysis of strategic materials towards energy transition

P23 / L. Wiszniewski, K. Doschek-Held, Z. Raonic, A. Holzer, H. Raupenstrauch, P. Presoly (AT)
Physical and chemical characterizations of high-value residues for a pyrometallurgical recycling process

P24 / E. Hroncová, J. Ladomerský, D. Ladomerská (SK)
The cooperation between research-educational institution and manufacturing companies in the implementation of cleaner production projects

P25 / E. Paone, M. Miceli, A. Malara, G.Ye, E. Mousa, E. Bontempi, P. Frontera, F. Mauriello (IT)
Spent Lithium-Ion batteries: from waste to an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the reductive upgrading of biomass-derived furfural

P26 / A. Masiello, A. Spagnuolo, C. Vetromile, M. R. di Cicco, G. Costanzo, A. Marotta, C. Lubritto (IT)
The project MELT: end-of-life tires for the well-being of buffaloes

P27 / P. Frontera, A. Malara, A. Macario (IT)
Reuse and recycling strategies of new "critical raw materials"

P28 / M. Wojnicki, P. Zabinski, R. Kowalik, K. Kolczyk-Siedlecka (PL)
Pt, Pd, Rh and Au ions adsorption on activated carbon in a continuous flow reactor supported by microwaves radiation

P29 / M.A. Mistoh, J. Janaun, A. Galassi (MY)
Appropriate technology pyrolysis processor for production of fuel from plastic waste: a mini review

P30 / A.C. Revelo Rodríguez, C.J. Cobo Ceacero, T. Cotes Palomino, A.B. Löpez García, C. Martínez García (ES)
Solid biofuel in the form of coffee grounds pellets

P31 / J. Rastelli, M. Alvardo Chinchilla, F. Heredia, J.C. Navarro Bautista, A.B. López García, T. Cotes Palomino, C. Martínez García (ES)
Valorisation of organic waste (almond and hazelnut shells) to obtain sustainable construction materials. Applying the circular economy

P32 / F. Feher, J. Lederer, J. Mühl (AT)
Properties of concretes containing treated waste incineration bottom ash as partial substitute for natural aggregate

P33 / R. Savio, G. Ferrari, A. Pezzuolo, M. Guidolin, M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
Agricultural by-products for hydrogen production: current status and results

P34 / P. Zabinski, K. Kolczyk-Siedlecka, R. Kowalik, M. Wojnicki (PL)
Pt, Pd, Rh and Au ions adsorption on activated carbon in batch reactor supported by microwaves

P35 / A. Barrera, H. Aldoori, Z. Bouberka, A. Nadim, Y. Agguine, S. Eddarir, P. Supiot, C. Foissac, U. Maschke (FR)
Degradation of brominated flame retardant in poly (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

P36 / N. Malesardi, M. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada (IT)
Municipal solid waste management during the pandemic in EU contest: first COVID-19 wave

P37 / F. Minniti, F. Tatti, G. Farabegoli, G. Costa, L. Lombardi, A. Rossi, R. Pomi, A. Polettini (IT)
Biomaterials, biofuels, CO2 sequestration and circularity (BBCircle). Evaluation of biorefinery applicability in the Lazio region